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Kevin Kelly on behalf of the Planning Committee



  1. Hi all, It’s Lee here. Testing this comment box. I’ll probably make it to Iowa in time for Pizza and look forward to joining everyone in person for tomorrow’s session. I’ll listen in this a.m.

    I’m director of the newly funded TWH Center of Excellence “Center for Health, Work & Environment” at the Colorado School of Public Health, University of Colorado

    I’m also director of the Mountain and Plains Education and Research Center MAP ERC, at the University of Colorado and Colorado State University.

  2. Metrics of integration: Not all of the criteria proposed by NIOSH or by Sorensen et al. are TWH-specific. Some of them (e.g., top leadership commitment) are necessary pre-conditions for any worker safety or health program. Thus, while they are important in that regard, it is debatable whether they are helpful as criteria for defining “integration.”

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